I'm Eric!

Meet Me: The Marketing Genius, I Must Confess!

Something about me

Picture this: a quirky digital explorer with a zest for all things marketing! Armed with 6 years of digital marketing wizardry and a dazzling Masters degree in Advertising, I’m a blend of academia and real-world prowess. My passion? Crafting campaigns that are as wild as they are wonderful! PPC campaigns? Oh, they’re my playground – I run through them like a kid in a candy store. But wait, here’s where it gets fun: my digital journey began while I was doing my Masters. And believe me, the internet and Google are my trusty sidekicks – always by my side, answering my questions like the magical oracle they are.

Things I did..

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Some Serious Stuff..

I started my digital marketing journey in 2016 after discovering how people were making money online through blogging. I’ve always been a fan of the internet, so I thought, why not give it a shot? Once I finished my master’s degree, I jumped in with a bit of resourcefulness – I used my brother’s credit card to buy hosting and a domain. That’s how my journey began. I learned how to build websites and write blogs with affiliate offers all by myself.

I thought I was on a roll after writing ten blogs, but then reality hit when I checked my website analytics. Turns out, I had a grand total of 25 visits (mostly me, I figured). That’s when I stumbled upon the whole SEO thing – you know, optimizing your site so it shows up on Google. I learned the ropes by watching a ton of YouTube videos and trying things out. Finally, my first blog got a decent rank, and I started getting some actual traffic. It was pretty cool, even though the cash didn’t exactly start rolling in. But that setback just made me more determined to keep going.

Now, fast-forward to today, and I’ve shifted from SEO to Paid Ads. Along the way, I’ve gone from digital marketing to performance marketing, and then ended up in the world of growth marketing. My career in digital marketing has basically been me hunting for ways to grow. I’m always challenging myself to learn new stuff, try out ideas, and come up with cool strategies. It’s been quite the journey!

Some of My Results..

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